Leave and OT Manage System

Has anyone heard of Jorani (http://jorani.org/)?  It looks like it could use some work (like OT request being a decimal of days and not in hours?)  But the principal is sound, I’d love something that had a bit more of a workflow system built in.

I’d like to see something where you can have

Submitter -> Approver 1 -> Approver 2

I’d also like to see better reporting functionality.

Howdy and Welcome!

Hi!  My name is Adam Blackington.  I am a Cloud and Managed Services Innovator and Systems Engineer.  I plan to use this blog to talk about new and exciting cloud technologies!

I found a new application that I have been having a lot of fun with called GoAnimate.  I’ve made a few videos using the tool, albeit comedic, I had a lot of fun with it.

As I continue to grow this blog I hope to bring more fun and crazy cloud applications to your attention.

Here are a few of the GoAnimate Videos I made:


Adam Blackington