Adam Blackington Is Still An Innovator

So Yeah, I’m still playing with GoAnimate!

Sure it is pretty funny.  It’s not too long.  It still has computer generated voices.  But this video about Adam Blackington still holds a special place in my heart!

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I Admit it… I’m enjoying this too much! Adam Blackington

I admit it… GoAnimate is too much fun…. Throwing these videos together in my spare time is just too much fun!

I found FreeSound which has various different sounds, speeches, and audio files available for download, with various different associated licenses.  On this website, I came across the user bcimmet and he had a various interesting/comedic monologue (here).

After downloading this audio file, I began working in GoAnimate.  I set the scene at the White House, with Herman Cain as the speaker (using the audio from FreeSound as the speech).  In the end, we end up with a short, funny, monologue depicted using GoAnimate.

Here’s the video!  Hope you enjoy watching:


Adam Blackington